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      What makes Andy Wolf so special?

      50 People.
      Over 90 working steps.
      1 frame.
      Designed and crafted in Austria.
      This is the origin of your Andy Wolf frame.

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      The Meal

      Andy Wolf stands for unique glasses, handcrafted in Hartberg, Austria. It was founded by the three friends Andreas (Andy), Wolfgang (Wolf) and Katharina to produce classic and contemporary frames for individuals. In 2006, the three of them sat down to enjoy a meal of meat and fish from local meadows and waters, market-fresh vegetables and good Austrian wine from the kind of vintner you know personally.

      There was one question at that table:
      Why aren’t glasses made in such a personal, natural and familiar fashion?

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      The Start

      No sooner said than done, we established our base at the Ökopark in Hartberg, which perfectly fit our beliefs. Back in 2006 there were 17 people working here, now there are 58. Every beginning is hard. In our case especially, because producing the entire product in Austria inevitably requires higher prices. Now we’re being represented in over 45 countries. We’ve still stayed together as a family, which includes a fair and amicable relationship to our clients. From design to prototyping, production and distribution, everything is handled here, by us.

      Only the acetate for our frames is sourced from Italy, simply because they have the finest available. This way our classic and often unconventional frames are not just pretty, but also durable and sustainable.

    The Devil Is In The Detail

    + Thin Metal Reinforcement
    + Polished with
    wood or bamboo
    + High-Quality
    + Special Hinge

    Throughout our entire process, every part of our frame undergoes rigorous quality control. After the frame is finally assembled we check it again. We check for all irregularities during our process, and every part of a frame is subject to scrutiny. While we love our state-of-the-art computer-driven machines and their mechanical perception, it’s still the five senses of a valued Andy Wolf employee that would notice any flaws. After we’ve inspected every frame as often as possible, they leave our factory and are off to finally be worn by you.

    Handmade in Austria

    We’re proud to say that we own our entire process from the initial design, to shaping acetate blocks into frames until they land at your local dealer’s store. Once we’ve shaped the middle part and temples, our frames go through several stages of cleaning, grinding and polishing to guarantee maximum comfort when worn. After we’re done polishing with hard ceramic marbles, softer wood and bamboo to get the best shine, a hole is pre-drilled into the temples and a thin wire „shot“ into it. You don’t just need steady hands for that, but a lot of experience as well. The temples are shaped under pressure and controlled temperature and must then be placed into their perfect position to form a complete frame. The same precision is needed to attach the hinges, you’d notice shoddy work here quickly, if we ever did shoddy work.

    Material Matters

    Every one of our models has its own origin, be it as a sketch on a napkin or on graph paper. What unites them is the fact that each drawing or sketch is entered into a digital CAD system, where it is fine-tuned to serve as the base for starting the production process. We love to use fine materials, because you can really sense their quality. High-quality acetate sourced from an Italian factory or first-rate metal are the building blocks for every Andy Wolf frame. Most of them are made from sustainably produced acetate – a material obtained from hardened cotton flocks, that lends itself to a variety of treatments and shapes. We use 6-8 mm thick plates of it that enable us to mill the middle part of a frame out of a single piece. Of course we could use thinner acetate plates to produce a pair of glasses, but in our opinion it just wouldn’t be an Andy Wolf frame then.

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