1 square meter of wildflower meadow per sold pair of glasses Local production Own beehives Acetat Renew 1 square meter of wildflower meadow per sold pair of glasses Local production Own beehives Acetat Renew

We take responsibility - Grow With Us

Since our founding 15 years ago, we have taken responsibility for both people and nature. In 2022, we are taking not one, but many steps further into a more sustainable future - the entire year is dedicated to the motto Grow with Us. For every ANDY WOLF frame sold, we re-cultivate one square meter of wildflower meadow in Austria! #GrowWithUsAndyWolf
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We believe we can all make a difference

Sustainability is one of our most important pillars. We have always shown responsibility: with local production, our own bee colonies, the ANDY WOLF family. For the past 2 years, there has also been an internal project group that is looking for new, sustainable possibilities and alternatives in every direction. Projects and tasks are only initiated when they have been thoroughly researched and evaluated to ensure that they really are a more sustainable, i.e. better, alternative. Progress through honest and sincere interaction with nature and one another is firmly anchored in the company philosophy.

„When we founded ANDY WOLF, it was clear to us from the beginning that we wanted to produce locally in Austria, although it is more complicated and also more expensive. With this idea we were ridiculed as outsiders for a long time. But the belief in our vision and our perseverance paid off. And it still does: now, 15 years later, we are taking ANDY WOLF to the next level with new, fresh ideas. Our flower meadow is a matter close to my heart, and I’m delighted that the whole company is pitching in to make it bloom.“

Andy Pirkheim Founding member, CEO and namesake of ANDY WOLF.


„We want to become even more sustainable in all areas of the company. We go through the world with our eyes open and are constantly finding new ideas and researching topics. We firmly believe that even small steps lead to a greener future – a future that also thinks about the next generation. As a brand that puts people at the center, this is especially important to me.“

Wolfgang Scheucher, namesake and co-founder of ANDY WOLF.

Our steps toward a more sustainable future
GROW WITH US Acetate Renew
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Let’s grow together!

In 2022, we are launching an innovative concept that will protect the environment and strengthen local bonds. With the purchase of an ANDY WOLF frame, one square meter of wildflower meadow each will be recultivated and preserved in Austria. We are well prepared for this: the first 10 hectares of wildflowers are already blooming in full glory outside the windows of the headquarters, and the area is constantly being expanded.

The meadows are a habitat for many native insects, birds and other animals – it is not uncommon to see a pheasant or a deer looking curiously through the windows directly over the shoulder of the design team.

Our own bee colonies also live among the wildflowers. They are as hardworking as the whole ANDY WOLF Family, their honey is a popular treat for the team and our customers. A goodie that comes from the heart!

Unterstützt wird das Konzept mit der gleichnamigen Kampagne „Grow with Us“. Bilder der unterschiedlichsten Blumensorten zeigen die Vielfalt der Wiese und sind Inspiration und Vorlage für die neuen ANDY WOLF Brillen. #GrowWithUsAndyWolf

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The most sustainable material in the industry


As a further step towards sustainability, ANDY WOLF will be the first independent eyewear brand from the German-speaking region to switch its acetate collection to the new, most sustainable acetate in the industry: Acetate Renew. For this purpose, we have received ISCC Plus certification and qualified for the Acetate Renew program of the Italian acetate producer Mazzucchelli & Eastman. Starting in 2022, ANDY WOLF acetate frames will be successively converted to the new Acetate Renew. We plan to produce 23% of the entire acetate collection from sustainable material by the end of 2022, and 75% of all acetate frames will be made from Acetate Renew by the end of 2025.


Acetate Renew is the result of an Eastman project that covers the entire production cycle. The American group, a global specialty chemicals company, has developed a way to obtain the raw material for the production of acetate sheets by molecular recycling of plastic waste – such as cosmetics packaging, carpets, sportswear with a high plastic content and acetate residues.

By recovering plastic waste, a powder is obtained which is the raw material for the production of cellulose acetate sheets. Acetate Renew offers the same performance as conventional acetate. It is a cellulose diacetate composed of 60% bio-based and 40% certified recycled raw material. Compared to the traditional acetate manufacturing process, there is a significant reduction in greenhouse gases and tons of waste do not end up in landfills, but are returned to the product cycle.