22/03/2022 — AWearness
AWearness Ambassadors

To celebrate the company's 15th anniversary, we launched a new standalone collection called AWearness. For the campaign, we collaborated with longtime, local companions of the brand. In addition to Gottfried Tuttner, ANDY WOLF employee of the first hour, Andreas Wilfinger, CEO and pioneer of the international natural cosmetics brand Ringana and Armin Tement, winemaker of the sustainable winery TEMENT, are featured as AWearness ambassadors.

Andreas Wilfinger

With his successful brand Ringana, he is considered a pioneer in the field of natural cosmetics and celebrates great success with his innovative products and sustainable entrepreneurship. “For me, sustainability is not one big thing, but many things, big and small, that together form a sustainability puzzle,” says Andreas Wilfinger. “I was very happy with the request and am proud to be part of this project. Seeing my face with a frame from this sustainable collection, where every detail has been thought about, fits perfectly with my values,” Andreas Wilfinger continues. Ringana is not only a local neighbor, for many years Ringana has made purposeful eyewear care possible with its natural care products.

Armin Tement


Another campaign face is Armin Tement of the Tement Winery. “For me, consistency has as much a place in my life as change – for me, it’s the cornerstone of a sustainably run business. For AWearness, I was in front of the camera for the first time as a model. Working with the whole ANDY WOLF team was a lot of fun for me.” Says Armin Tement. In addition to the photos, ANDY WOLF and the sustainably run Tement Winery have had a longstanding collaboration for several years: there are already two of their own ANDY WOLF wines, which enjoy great popularity worldwide.

Gottfried Tuttner


Since the founding of the company 15 years ago, he has been an integral part of the ANDY WOLF team as a prototype builder. In his workshop, he produces numerous eyewear designs to this day, which have significantly shaped the image and success of ANDY WOLF. “Consciously working with my hands on a product that lasts, that’s sustainable for me,” says Gottfried Tuttner. Actually, he could be retired already today, “but because of my love for the product and the brand, I am far from thinking of stopping.”

“ For me, it is a special honor to work with our campaign faces, as they have accompanied me as an entrepreneur for many years. Over the years, pure business associates have become close friends who actively participate in the development of ANDY WOLF. ”