01/07/2022 — Kampagnen

Sustainability is one of our most important pillars. We have always shown responsibility: with local production, our own bee colonies, the ANDY WOLF family. For the past 2 years, there has also been an internal project group that is looking for new, sustainable possibilities and alternatives in every direction.

Since our founding 15 years ago, we have taken responsibility for both people and nature. In 2022, we are taking not one, but many steps further into a more sustainable future – the entire year is dedicated to the motto Grow with Us. For every ANDY WOLF frame sold, we re-cultivate one square meter of wildflower meadow in Austria! #GrowWithUsAndyWolf

“ The belief in our vision and our perseverance paid off. And it still does: now, 15 years later, we are taking ANDY WOLF to the next level with new, fresh ideas. ”

“ We go through the world with our eyes open and are constantly finding new ideas and researching topics. We firmly believe that even small steps lead to a greener future. ”

With the purchase of an ANDY WOLF frame, one square meter of wildflower meadow each will be recultivated and preserved in Austria. We are well prepared for this: the first 10 hectares of wildflowers are already blooming in full glory outside the windows of the headquarters, and the area is constantly being expanded.

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