12/11/2021 — Collaborations
Sagan Vienna for Andy Wolf

ANDY WOLF presents together with the Austrian bag label SAGAN Vienna the Charity Bag "Pinot". The coinbag is made of grape leather and a part of the proceeds will be donated to the children's hospice Sterntalerhof.

The Coinbag is made from grape leather in Europe. This is a very innovative material that is characterised by a high proportion of plant-based, renewable and recycled materials. Grape pomace is used here. This consists of grape skins, stems and seeds that are discarded during wine production.

For Pinot we chose high-quality acetate normally used for the production of glasses. Rescuing small amounts of excess material which can‘t be used for the production of frames anymore this exclusive collaboration gives them a second life and allows them to shine.


🖐🏼 Pinot is 100% handmade in EU

🍇 This bag is made out of grape leather.

❤️ You support our relationship with the Austrian children’s hospice “Sterntalerhof”.

Pinot – We believe everyone can make a difference!