01/06/2021 — All of Us
Meet Lili Stiefel


#RediscoverAndyWolf In our series, we introduce you to Lili Alice Walker Stiefel. Growing up in the US and Germany, she found herself not only between two countries, but two cultures. With her acting studies she found her own voice and today helps with her self-founded
Creative Consulting “Experimental Studio” she helps other companies and individuals to express themselves.


In our video, Lili shares her own personal rediscovery story from the past year.

Video © Kaputt Agency for Andy Wolf

As a bi-racial German-American she lives and works in New York and Germany. Constantly bridging multiple cultures, Lili stays grounded in her roots while using her voice to make connections with the world around her. Lili is a coach using creative methodology with her unique process called Experimental Studio to help her clients achieve business and personal goals by nurturing their internal power and talents. She is also the CEO of @themixedspace, a community organization that celebrates intersectional identity, educates and empowers others.