01/04/2021 —
Meet Studio Lilo


#RediscoverAndyWolf Today we introduce you to floral designer Lilo @studiolilo_ . She is part of our new series portraying inspirational people and their personal journey of rediscovery over the past year.


Studying fashion design and running a restaurant with her siblings, Lilo was always interested in creating emotionally enticing spaces through a visual language. When designing the rooms and styling the flower decorations for the restaurant, she discovered her passion for flowers. Like a sculptor, she brings unique floral compositions to life. The respite of last year made her redefine her personal goals: get excited for her upcoming studio with a flower pop-up store in Berlin Schöneberg.

“ A little "forced" breathing space in 2020 allowed me to define my goals much more precisely and I already notice that this has a great effect on me. It has rarely been as clear as it is now. ”

How did the idea come about?
During my studies in fashion design at the UdK in Berlin, I opened a restaurant together with my siblings. Here I have already taken over the design. Since we open the restaurant in the evening only for private events, I always did the floral decoration here. Starting there, suddenly there were requests from other friends and companies. So I thought: why not make a profession out of it?


How did you discover your passion?
Already during my studies it was clear to me that it is not the right thing for me to implement my emotions and aesthetics through fashion. Designing spaces and bringing life to places through flowers and plants, using them like a sculptor might use his material -that fulfilled me and still does.


Something noteworthy that happened through 2020?
A little “forced” breathing space in 2020 allowed me to define my goals much more precisely, and I’m already noticing that it’s having a big impact for me. Has rarely been as clear as it is now.


Neuigkeiten for 2021:
New studio with monthly Flower pop-up store in Schöneberg.


Studio Lilo
Floral Designer / Designer
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