18/03/2021 — Guides
How to care for my glasses?

You don’t just buy a pair of glasses – a piece of ANDY WOLF eyewear should accompany you through many great moments. To keep your ANDY WOLF eyewear looking and feeling great for a long time, you need to take some care of it.

Our frames are made from high-quality Italian acetate and fine metal which is partly recycled.


  • They are best cleaned with a soft, clean microfibre cloth. Microfibre is gentle on the material and absorbs grease. If you like, you can clean the frame with lukewarm water and mild soap beforehand.


  • It is important that you do not use any chemical cleaning agents (such as alcohol or acetone) – this will damage the frame and the lenses.


  • You should keep your glasses in a hard case whenever you are not wearing them. And if you don’t have a case with you (tut, tut!), be sure to put your eyewear on a flat and stable surface – naturally with the lenses facing upwards.


  • Your ANDY WOLF comes into close contact with you, especially with your skin. This means that it comes into contact with cosmetics, environmental influences and, of course, sweat. As acetate is a natural product, these influences may cause slight soiling or whitish deposits on the surface of the eyewear, which is perfectly normal.


  • Simply visit your trusted optician. They will polish up your frames, making them as good as new. “Matt polishes” are available for matt frames, which ensure that the frame continues to remain matt.

“ We generally recommend that you visit your optician on a regular basis, once a year being ideal. Your optician can then adjust your eyewear and clean it in an ultrasound bath. Your optician is also your point of contact if your ANDY WOLF eyewear should ever break. ”